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FMG Legacy

Our Roots Go Deep

How It All Started

It all started in 1955 with a young man who delivered newspapers for the Dallas Times Herald. He learned something important: putting the customer’s needs first. He built loyal relationships with his customers by learning to place the paper exactly where each person wanted it. Some people wanted it put in the door, some in the mail box, others wanted it on a porch table away from the dog.


Cleon understood that his customers wanted more than a paper; they wanted individualized service on how the paper was delivered!


“Our success is based on how we place the paper.” – Cleon Almond

We are FMG

Our Story

We are Furniture Marketing Group. We are more than just a contract furniture dealer. FMG is a Family of Companies created to provide best in class service to our customers from coast to coast. With installation teams and warehousing throughout Texas and Oklahoma as well as valued partners across the US, Facility Interiors provides a distribution source for FMG while closely tying to the strong sales and marketing approach of one of Haworth’s largest global dealers.

Regenesis, another division of FMG, was started in the 90’s to provide custom millwork and surfaces along with refurbished products to FMG’s customers. Regenesis grew to include professional and accredited services related to constructive solutions for moveable walls.


In 1999, we created Wave for our large, national customers that needed a solution for consolidating their large-scale corporate furniture needs into a single point of contact nationwide. To provide this unique solution, FMG worked with experts from the technology and facility management industry to service large, geographically diverse companies by simplifying the procurement and invoicing process. Decades later, Wave continues to use the knowledge gathered over the last 20+ years to deliver a unique service offering that supports dozens of Fortune 500 companies across North America.



WAVE delivers both intellectual and physical workplace strategies on a global scale. With unparalleled client service, WAVE designers consider your processes and objectives and create an environment that guarantees success. No matter the size or complexity of your needs, WAVE has innovative solutions to save you time, resources and money.

Since it’s inception in 1994 as a minority business enterprise, Facility Interiors (FI) has worked closely with Furniture Marketing Group (FMG) to meet the corporate real estate needs of companies looking for diversity partners. FI’s customers have operated both nationally and internationally, and have been in the fields of technology, banking, education, healthcare, hospitality, and other commercial concerns. Now as a woman-owned and managed corporation, Facility Interiors has warehousing, delivery and installation facilities through-out Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Texas and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

ReGenesis was founded to provide a skilled collaborator in extending the life of your current furnishings through expert refurbishment techniques. Historically, ReGenesis specialized in making your office safe and productive with ergonomic furnishings and accessories which are distributed through FMG, FI, and other dealers throughout the U.S. Now, ReGenesis seeks to provide the same customization and expert techniques to provide the best interior solutions for fast-moving and flexible companies through moveable walls and other architectural solutions.