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Workplace Analysis

Workplace Analysis

FMG has a proven track record of providing innovative workplace strategies to help companies simplify the procurement and facility management process. Our vast customer experience allows us to provide best-in-class benchmarking solutions and insight into current workplace trends. We help companies identify their strategic objectives and implement processes and programs to save time, resources and money while creating productive work environments.

Discovery Workshop

What is a Discovery Workshop?
A discovery workshop is an effective means of fast-tracking the formation of the user requirements for a project or long-term service contract. It helps identify the salient features of the service required and it uncovers critical issues that must be addressed in order to deliver a successful outcome. The discovery workshop consists of interactive sessions promoting open discussion of the project goals and defining the necessary deliverables to achieve those goals.

When a company embarks on a new project, there are a large number of factors that will influence the outcome. During the Discovery Workshop we document current challenges that need to be addressed. This provides the first step to ensuring that you have a successful outcome. At the end of the workshop you will receive a document listing the user requirements. This process includes input from as many end-users and stakeholders as possible. It will also highlight the criteria used to measure the success of the project.

What is involved in a Discovery Workshop?
A discovery workshop is intended to facilitate the exploration of the implementation workspace and to gain a unified understanding of the aims of the project. The starting point of the workshop is to obtain encapsulating statements describing the new office space, the business need and the objectives of the new office space. Cost and time boundaries are also defined so that a realistic budget and schedule can be established.

Who should attend a Discovery Workshop?
The discovery workshop is most effective when the stakeholders and the decision-makers in the project attend. This ensures that when you are ready to begin the project, all those likely to be impacted by the project and the new office workspace will be fully apprised of the needs of the project. Furthermore, the discovery workshop provides rapid communication between all departments and facilitates the making of initial decisions necessary before the commencement of the project.

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Workspace Analysis

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Space Utilization Study

Strategic Management
Just as airlines must control operational costs and monitor vacant seats per flight, corporations monitor building efficiencies. That requires actual, timebased utilization data. Like the airplane, a half-full building is very expensive.

Tools and Resources
FMG has been helping companies reduce space through the our Space Utilization Survey program. We have conducted SUS studies over the past eight years for companies in diverse market segmentsfrom financial or banking to travel or technology. Regardless of the industry sector, we find that the majority of the space is unoccupied 50-70% of the time because people are working somewhere other than their workstation or office.

Data Collection
The system is web-based, so there is no software or hardware to buy and you can generate real-time reports based on the information and time period you want to study. You can even see the vacant spaces on a floor plan to help understand where the underutilized pockets of space exist.

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