Dallas Morning News

Real Estate: CBRE
Design Firm: Gensler
Furniture: FMG / Haworth

DATE: April 2017

PROJECT SCOPE: 93,000 Sq Ft Four floors, 454 workstations, 21 private offices, café, roof top terrace, training, conference rooms and 100 seat auditorium.

DATE: April 2017 – October 2017

HIGHLIGHTS: This project features an open news room with supporting conference space, café, collaboration spaces, auditorium and an outdoor roof top terrace with a view of downtown Dallas.

OVERVIEW: The last time The Dallas Morning News moved into a new office space was 1949 when they occupied a George Dahl designed building on Ferris Plaza. In the past 68 years the news industry has transformed greatly and the needs of the workplace has evolved.

In searching for a new home, it is no surprise that they wanted to keep their roots in the heart of downtown Dallas. The paper had the vision to rescue and renovate the former home of the Dallas Public Library, also originally designed by George Dahl in 1955.

They had the vision to bring new life to a Dallas icon. Their new workspace is open, collaborative and energized with transparency to the street and the world it covers. The Dallas Morning News selected Haworth furniture and Furniture Marketing Group to bring Gensler’s innovative design to life.

The landscape of the Media Industry is transforming at a tremendously rapid pace. As technology evolves, and innovative methods of information consumption continues to emerge in popular culture, media companies are learning to not just keep up, but stay ahead of the game. Gensler focused on designing an environment that reflected this ongoing transformation that prioritizes the distribution of news and information through digital and social channels.

Furniture mockups gave employees the opportunity to visualize their new workplace and provide input to the furniture solutions.