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Haworth and Facility Interiors played an integral role in the Halliburton 2014 Houston Workplace Masterplan project. Seventeen floors of employees were moved out of leased space and moved to the new campus buildings in Houston, Texas. The consolidation brought employees together in a completely new way. The secondary campus was refreshed and consolidated to accommodate the total headcount in Halliburton owned facilities. Using the latest designs and layout strategies, a third existing building owned by Halliburton was remodeled to provide the “workplace of the future.”


Project Sq Ft: 590,000 Sq Ft

Total Cost of Installed Project: $15.2M

Dealer Scope: 1900 workstations, 350 offices, Training Rooms, Conference Rooms, Break/Huddle Rooms, Phone Rooms, Lounges, Cafeteria, Outdoor Dining

Manufacturer Scope: Procurement Management, Workplace Research and Analysis, Global Account Management, Logistics Project Reference Contact Major

Product Lines Used: PREMISE, Planes, Zody, Adaptable Components

Demountable Walls: Haworth Enclose